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April 20 2017

Experienced Ruby Developer - online travel at FindHotel (Amsterdam, Netherlands) (allows remote)

As a Senior Ruby Developer at FindHotel, you will help to develop and improve our high-performance website FindHotel, scaling up web traffic from 2M+ visitors to 10M by the end of the year.

What you tell your friends you do

"I am a great Ruby developer who can make run code safely yet fast as lightning!"

What you will really be doing

  • Building a high-performance website, helping scale up web traffic from 2M+ visitors to 10M by the end of the year;

  • Developing our own APIs and deploy them as independent services;

  • Integrating our product with internal tools and APIs (e.g. event tracking, A/B testing) built either by us or other squads at FindHotel;

  • Building the right suite of monitoring and alerting system, in order to have both the helicopter view and the magnifying glass at hand whenever needed;

  • Improving the code base, architecture, infrastructure, and overall quality of our product, in order to deliver a great experience to each and every one of our users.

How will you be doing this?

  • You are an experienced Ruby developer in a diverse team of talented experts, and you enjoy working on a product delivering quality code while meeting ambitious deadlines;

  • You choose the right tools for whatever job will be thrown at you. We're always open to re-evaluating choices that were made in the past: there is always a budget for good ideas;

  • You understand speed is a feature: you love benchmarking and experimenting with different technologies to figure out new ways of improving your code over time.

What we worked on last quarter

  • Laying the groundwork for a modern adaptive web application, based on React and Redux frontend which communicates with a decoupled Ruby On Rails backend.

  • We built a scalable infrastructure in the cloud, based on AWS, Docker, and Continuous Deployment, that serves on average 11M+ requests per day.

What a day in the office might look like

In the morning, after the daily stand-up, you pair program with a fellow developer to improve the performance of an API call which is not as fast as it could be. After lunch, you provide some feedback on the quality of a couple PRs from your teammates. Then you implement a new feature from the backlog or tackle an annoying technical debt issue that you've been keeping an eye on for a while.

The team

You will be working in the Product Squad with co-developers Luca & Fernando (Backend), Jop, Suzana & Ali (Frontend). Katia (UX designer) will help us shape the product, transforming the input from Omer & Orhan (Data Analysts) into beautiful and usable designs. Sam (Product Owner) will prioritize the roadmap and a QA Engineer will make sure we deliver high-quality software to our users.

Why join now?

  • We have successfully built the foundation of a great product, which will evolve in time and compete with the big players of the travel industry. By joining the team now, you will have the chance to have a strong impact on how we grow our tech stacks and the way approach work.

  • We are looking to grow traffic from 2M monthly visitors to 10M+ by the end of 2017. This is the perfect time to become part of the team working on the core behind our product, tackling exciting challenges around scalability and performance.

  • We are a company that is growing fast, hiring talent across many different areas of expertise (development, data science, data analysis, marketing, UX). Each team collaborates with the others on a lot of different tasks, making every day the day when you learn something new.

  • You will have fun writing code for existing and new applications, integrating them with internal and external systems, with room to explore new technologies and architectures!

Senior Java Developer at Hazelcast (Üsküdar, Turkey) (allows remote)

Do you enjoy any of the following?

  • Solving complex problems

  • Implementing non-trivial infrastructure code

  • Integrating Hazelcast with different platforms.

  • Developing features, plugins to use Hazelcast in cloud providers.

  • Learning/Developing latest technologies and popular frameworks.

  • Creating well crafted and thoroughly tested features, taking full-responsibility from the design phase

  • Paying attention to all aspects of code quality, from clean-code, to allocation-rates

  • Delivering a technical presentation at a conference

At Hazelcast you will work with the best engineers out there:

  • Who can work very with different cloud platforms when it is required.

  • Who integrates Hazelcast to other popular frameworks.

  • Who are public speakers in tech conferences

With hazelcast.org you will work on an exciting open-source project that rocks the scene of distributed caching and computing

.NET Software Developer at Harris School Solutions (Ontario, CA) (allows remote)

Harris School Solutions is seeking a Software Developer to contribute to the development and maintenance of School Nutrition Solutions' web-based and mobile product lines.

As aSoftware Developeryou will collaborate directly with the Product Manager and end users to gain a better understanding of their requirements in order to develop products which help them perform their jobs most effectively. This exciting and challenging position requires a self-motivated and independent individual who is committed to developing innovative web-based products at Harris School Solutions - SNS that are used in the education community.

Working for Harris is the perfect opportunity to fulfill your professional goals as well as achieve your personal goals and dreams! We are a financially strong, growing and stable company that offers employees the opportunity to learn and have fun! We empower our employees to make a difference and directly contribute to the success of the organization.

Senior Data Engineer f/m (100% Remote) at Jaumo GmbH () (allows remote)

We're looking for our first employee and give you the opportunity to be part of a very exciting journey. 

You are a Senior Data Engineer (f/m) with strong experience, and you will be an essential part of our lean and focused company. The position is full-time. This is an excellent career opportunity to join a fast growing 100% remote startup in a key position.

You will:

  • manage and operate a large data cluster including data ingestion and interfacing with different components of the Jaumo platform

  • implement services dealing with large amounts of data and a high number of concurrent users

  • solve challenging problems related to big data, real-time data, data mining, and analytics using state-of-the-art technologies

  • work on the infrastructure for a fast-growing dating app that is used by millions of users on a monthly basis

  • work agile with a motivated and innovative small team (us, the two founders)

Front End Developer at High Growth Social Media Company (AI/machine learning) at BrandBastion (Helsinki, Finland) (allows remote)


BrandBastion is a rapidly growing company focused on disrupting the brand reputation and ad performance services on social media with the use of AI and machine learning. We work with Fortune 500 companies, governments, start-ups and non-profits in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. We are backed by great investors such as Mårten Mickos (HackerOne) and Risto Siilasmaa (founder of F-Secure).

We are scouting for a front end multi-talent to join our A-team full time:

You are passionate about designing, developing and implementing web interfaces and apps for next-gen services using frameworks such as React. You want to lead and drive change in your own area. You function best in a fast-paced environment with focus on execution. You are self-organized, self-motivated, a good communicator and you inspire others through your work.

You will:

  • Lead the front end side of our software projects

  • Be actively involved in architecting new services and products together with our core team

  • Will work on building single-page real time web applications with focus on performance, usability and user experience

  • Be proactive and up-to-date with the latest changes in the industry

  • Share our values: focus on execution, adaptability and agility, knowledge above hierarchy, self-drive and constant improvement.

Senior Front End Engineer - Shape Better Indonesia Through Internet at PT Tokopedia (Palmerah, Indonesia) (allows remote)

Responsibilities and Requirements:

  • Expertise in one modern clientside javascript framework (react, vue, ionic, angular).

  • Familiar with EcmaScript 6, SASS and Less.

  • Good understanding of asynchronous request handling and AJAX.

  • Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs.

  • A Passion for performance profiling & optimisation.

Senior Software Engineer - Shape Better Indonesia Through Internet at PT Tokopedia (Palmerah, Indonesia) (allows remote)

As a senior software engineer, you will bring solutions that change the lives of millions of users. Here at Tokopedia, you will work with a small team and can switch team or projects depending on business needs. We need people who are willing to learn and always eager to tackle exciting problems at a huge scale.


  • Hands on with code in either of GoLang, C, C++, Node.js, Ruby, Python. Multi-programming-lingual. The more the merrier.

  • Comfortable working in a *nix environment & using cli.

  • Eager to learn new tools, techniques, languages, and technologies.

  • Passionate about making a difference to the world.

  • Be able to contribute to system architecture and design.

  • Be able to debug non-trivial application code.

  • Be able to write clear, concise source-code documentation, unit and integration tests.

  • Be able to think beyond code to architecture and user experience.

  • Be able to communicate and coordinate within a team.

  • Build a features, systems

  • Solve technical problems

  • Create scalable back-end

Software Engineer in Test at Toptal () (allows remote)

We take great pride in our software’s quality and test automation infrastructure, and we’re always looking for talented test automation engineers to help us reach the next level.

By joining our team, you’ll get the opportunity to work on any of our various projects (e.g., full-blown web apps, REST APIs, client-side apps, desktop apps), with a team of highly skilled quality assurance and test automation experts from around the world. You’ll get to use cutting edge technologies like Cucumber, Watir, Capybara, and PhantomJS every day, and you’ll play a significant role in the development of new product features.

We don’t cut corners, and we don’t make compromises—we create beautifully architected Rails apps that are polished, fast, well-tested, and a joy to use.

This is a remote position that can be done from anywhere.

Amazing .NET Developer at AMGH (Lewisville, TX) (allows remote)

We are seeking a passionate, talented full stack developer to help us build a groundbreaking suite of modern, mission critical applications to support our national Air Ambulance operations. We are looking for a highly creative, dynamic individual with deep experience of modern .NET development, experience with JavaScript and front-end frameworks, as well as a strong commitment to user experience and producing high quality, well-tested software that will push the boundaries of what is possible.

This is an exciting opportunity for someone with the right mix of talent and passion to have a major impact on the future of our technology in a flexible, fast-paced environment.

You will be joining a greenfield project with very little legacy baggage to weigh us down, weaving a wide array of cutting edge technologies (including GIS, real-time analytics, machine learning, microservices and more) into dynamic, engaging user experiences that must excel at converting complex business process into easy to understand, easy to use software.

April 19 2017

DevOps Engineer at Grassroots Technologies, Inc. (San Bruno, CA) (allows remote)

GRT is carefully searching for new Systems/DevOps candidates for a high profile, global commerce engagement.  

GRT’s search for this new person is focused with all of our past success factors in mind. We are looking for a solid foundation of technology understanding and work/school experience; we are also equally interested in promising communication skills, and growth potential of any candidate. 

Senior Java Developer at Wallethub (Washington, DC) (allows remote)

WalletHub is a high-growth start-up based in Washington, D.C. .Our fast-paced environment and can do attitude have already earned us several prestigious awards including this year's Gold Stevie for best financial services website from the American Business Awards and a gold medal as one of the products of the year from the Consumer World Awards.  We're seeking hardworking, like-minded individuals to help us disrupt personal finance and make a tangible difference in people's everyday lives.

More specifically, we are harnessing the power of data analytics and artificial intelligence to build the brain of a smart financial advisor, whose services we’re offering to everyone for free. The WalletHub brain enables users to make better financial decisions in a fraction of the time with three unique features:

  1. Customized Credit-Improvement Tips: WalletHub identifies improvement opportunities and guides you through the necessary corrections.

  2. Personalized Money-Saving Advice: WalletHub’s savings brain constantly scours the market for load-lightening opportunities, bringing you only the best deals.

  3. Wallet Surveillance: Personal finance isn’t as scary with 24/7 credit monitoring providing backup, notifying you of important credit-report changes.

In addition to the valuable intelligence the brain provides, WalletHub is the first and only service to offer free credit scores and full credit reports that are updated on a daily basis absent of user interaction, rather than weekly or monthly and only when a user logs in. Some other services hang their hats on free credit scores and reports, yet they’re still inferior to what WalletHub considers minor pieces to a much larger puzzle.

Responsibilities include:

  • Designs and develops web applications using Java, PHP, Spring Framework, MySQL

  • Designs and develops unit test cases to make the code more robust

  • Participates in pairing and code reviews.

  • Support and troubleshoot problems with existing applications

  • Participates in the areas of architecture, design, implementation, and testing

  • Security automated testing and improving architecture of application with the goal of increasing security

This position does not have a location requirement and can be performed either remotely (including from outside the U.S.) or from WalletHub’s offices in downtown Washington, D.C.

Software Engineer at Datadog (New York, NY) (allows remote)

Have you built sizeable applications for thousands of users? Do you value simplicity over over-engineered solutions? Do you want to work on an elegant solution to infrastructure monitoring that just works for our enterprise and startup clients? If so, read on.

We’re on a mission to bring sanity to cloud operations and we need you to build the data pipelines to ingest, store, analyze and query hundreds of billions of events a day. 

Join us to build powerful and resilient data systems.

What you will do

  • Build distributed, high-throughput, real-time applications

  • Do it in Go and Python, with bits of C or other languages on the back-end and Reactjs (with flux and redux) and d3.js on the front-end

  • Use Kafka, Redis, Cassandra, Elasticsearch and other open-source components

  • Join a tightly knit team solving hard problems the right way

  • Own meaningful parts of our service, have an impact, grow with the company

Drupal remote lead UI/UX Designer for apparel ecommerce site at CNM Marketing Inc. () (allows remote)

We are looking for a user interface and user experience specialist to help us design and improve our eCommerce (Drupal/Ubercart) experience for both customers and employees. We primarily sell apparel both blank and decorated through the website. 

The ideal applicant will ideally have some experience with HTML/CSS and also have a keen eye for design. We run a highly customized Drupal platform so any Drupal experience is a major plus, especially Drupal theme design. 

For our remote workers we prefer to get a time estimate ahead of time, estimates will be approved for a set number of hours and work can begin. This means we can keep tabs on cost without having to set extremely tight deadlines or monitor your work excessively.

Here are examples of projects you may be directed to work on:

  • Design language creation

  • Admin order management user interface

  • Customer facing quoting tool user interface

Junior | Intermediate PHP Developer (PHP | CakePHP | HTML5 | JS) at Allied Health Media () (allows remote)

We are growing! Join our Technology team of 14, and specifically support our lead developer for SimuCase (a division of Allied Health Media, LLC). SimuCase is an innovative technology platform allowing users to assess, diagnose and make recommendations for a library of virtual patients. It encourages critical thinking and facilitates interprofessional education in a no-risk learning environment. (www.simucase.com


Our meetings are filled with sarcasm, laughter, and movie quotes. We share code on github whenever able and we try to contribute back to the open source community, on whose shoulders we stand. Though we are virtual, we communicate a lot and have a tight-knit group. We don’t pair most of the time, but we collaborate a fair amount and want to start pairing more. We have worked with the CakeDC core group and keep up to date via continuing education, conferences, etc. Travel is required for an annual company meeting, and may be required once or twice per year for team or project meetings.


We are seeking an innovative and engaged Junior/Intermediate PHP developer who is motivated, creative, and fun to assist in developing our custom CakePHP web applications for SimuCase:

  • Full Time, 8a-5p Mon-Fri in your time zone

  • Work from your home office

  • Company-provided MacBook Pro, Internet stipend, etc

  • Travel is required once or twice per year for team or project meetings

  • Must be located in the U.S. and legally eligible to work in the U.S. without visa sponsorship


  • Minor and major application feature development for SimuCase platform

  • Assist stakeholders in developing SimuCase feature specifications

  • Plan, code, and deploy new features/applications/projects/modules/plugins

  • Troubleshoot application bugs and determine resolutions

  • Optimize and refactor existing code to improve performance and reliability [http://goo.gl/Kp3W3]

  • Suggest improvements, security needs, best practices, etc (your voice will be heard)


Submit a cover letter with your resume that includes 1) why you would make a great addition to our team, 2) a link to your favorite movie clip on YouTube, 3) your favorite feature of PHP and what is one thing you wish you could change, and 4) your salary requirements. Submissions without this information will not be considered.

About Allied Health Media

We are fast-paced, nimble, and laugh a lot. We all work from home offices in various locations across the country. We are dynamic, engaged, highly motivated and highly skilled. We are passionate about our work and our professions. For more details see www.alliedhealthmedia.com.

React Javascript Engineer (senior/lead) (remote) at MobyMax () (allows remote)

We are looking for talented React Javascript developer living in Eastern Europe who want to join our engineering team in building the future of education technology.  You will be taking a senior/lead role in building React applications.

The position requires a developer with experience and expertise building modern web applications and mobile web apps using the latest front-end technology. At Moby we are using ReactJs to build our next generation platform. The majority of your the projects you work on will be new features for the platform.

The position is remote allowing you to work from the comfort of your home, and requires the ability to read, write and speak in English. Our developers work 9am - 6pm EET.

We use Skype for most communication including voice calls so you must have excellent conversational English skills.

To apply:

Email your CV, desired salary, and earliest start date to hire2@mobymax.com

PHP Fullstack Developer (eastern europe) (remote) at MobyMax () (allows remote)

We are looking for talented Full Stack PHP developers living in Eastern Europe who want to join our engineering team in building the future of education technology.

The position requires a developer with experience and expertise building modern web applications and mobile web apps using the latest back-end and front-end technology.  At Moby we are use a LAMP based tech stack to support over 15 million users (roughly half the schools in America use our software) giving you the opportunity to solve a variety of challenges at scale. 

The position is remote allowing you to work from the comfort of your home, and requires the ability to read, write and speak in English.  Our developers work 9am - 6pm EET.

We use Skype for most communication including voice calls so you must have conversational English skills.

To apply:

Email your CV, desired salary, and earliest start date to hire2@mobymax.com

Tenex Developers: Sales Engineer at badass software agency

April 16 2017

DevFactory Technical Product Manager - $100k at Crossover () (allows remote)

DevFactory Technical Product Manager - $100k

Are you in a technical role now and have a vision for how things SHOULD be built but lack the influence to change it?

Some of the best Technical Product Managers come from strong technical leaders who decide to make the jump from implementing a product to defining a product. DevFactory is especially suited for you, as we are a By Developers, for Developers focused company.

Are you a great Technical Product Manager looking for the next big thing?

DevFactory is one of the most exciting companies you could imagine for Technical Product Managers. Hard problems, revolutionary technology, and a great team.

One of the best Technical Product Management jobs. Period.

Here are a just a few reasons why:

  • By Developers for Developers: As a Technical Product Manager, you know software development. Youve very likely have had a significant portion of your career in software development. All those times you thought to yourself I would absolutely have created this tool way better... in this role you can.
    Define products you would love to use.

  • Iteration, Improvement focused culture: We have a culture that not only enables your success, but strives to always think what better looks like. We view this iterative improvement as a necessity not only from an individual perspective, but as a team. You will be an integral part to improving not only products, but how we deliver products.

  • Career Focus: Candidates have a clear career path to increased compensation and responsibility. As your skills and competencies grow, your scope and area of impact will grow as well.

  • Customer Focus: At DevFactory, how our Customers will actually use our product (the use case), is the primary driver behind every specification. We believe that by centralizing the Use Case, we can focus on what makes our products great for our customers, and unique in the marketplace.

  • Learn and Use Disruptive Tech: Every day you hear about how some new company is applying disruptive technology to a stagnant industry. Wouldnt you like to be working for those innovative companies working on those new industry changing approaches? At Devfactory, this is your chance to be a part of that and both learn and apply these disruptive technologies (such as AI, Machine Learning, Big Data analysis, NLP, PaaS Cloud services) from Open Source, AWS, Google, and others.

  • Work/Life Balance: DevFactory is a fully remote company, with every role being a fully remote role. Simply put, DevFactory provides you with a unique work/life flexibility and the opportunity to work with a global team of top performers in their field.

A bit about DevFactory

The DevFactory culture is rooted in a deep appreciation of software and software development combined with an intense desire to use metrics and objective data to make software development better. We are inspired by the industrial manufacturing revolution that happened over 100 years ago. Jobs were loosely defined, not measured, not specialized, not automated, and the result was terrible quality and productivity. Today manufacturing is dominated by scientific measurement, automation, specialization, and well defined processes - making it very high quality and 100x more productive. We see the same opportunity in large scale software development.

We build systems that help make software and software dev teams better. We measure the quality of code, tests, builds, and architectures at a deep level; finding valuable insights not just surface level coding violations. We mine the history of source control systems to help dev teams find their buggiest parts of code, most productive developers, riskiest classes, etc. We build active systems that evaluate code on every commit and help our customers prevent their software quality from slowly eroding and accumulating expensive technical debt.

If making software better and development teams more productive is something you are passionate about, youll be inspired at DevFactory.

DevFactory is actively hiring candidates for this position through the CrossOver marketplace on Crossover.com. Crossover is one of the most legitimate companies offering high-paying jobs that are 100% remote, work from home. You never have to fight traffic to the office again and you have the freedom to choose when and where you put in your 40 hours to be most effective each week.

Responsibilities of the Role

As a Technical Product Manager, your core responsibility is to take the big ideas from Product Management Leadership and figure out how to break it down into meaningful bite-size chunks for Engineering. Were relying on you to take that large complex release, figure out how it should be functionally broken down, and then defining that very clearly for the development team to go implement. Youll be using your deep technical background to identify the key decisions that need to be made (sometimes the hardest part!), finding the best answer to those questions and then defining both how the product will be implemented, and what you want to see to know that it was implemented correctly.

At DevFactory were Agile. We have 1-2 week sprints that focus on a clear milestone of work in the greater release. As a Technical Product Manager, your primary responsibility is to take the large release level ideas and break it into clear Milestone specifications that the development team can actually build. As you will be the owner for the area, you will be ultimately responsible for reviewing what the engineering team has actually built and making the final call on if it meets exactly what you specified or needs additional work.

Developer Manager at Seicho Ltd. (Khwaeng Phra Khanong Nuea, Thailand) (allows remote)

  • Lead the planning and implementation of various functions of the product across various mobile and web platforms.

  • Define project tasks and resource requirements for respective platform work streams

  • Track project deliverables using appropriate tracking tools

  • Provide direction and support to project team with quality assurance and constant monitoring with reports on progress of the project(s) to key stakeholders

  • Identify problems and solutions followed by managing the changes and interventions to achieve project outputs. 

  • Stay up to date on the latest development trends

  • Understand the importance of product revenue mix in a marketing business

Lisp Software Engineer - $30k at Crossover () (allows remote)

This position offers an excellent opportunity to be involved in development of industry-leading real time expert system and related products. The work involves design and development of new functionality and requires a hands-on product development approach. There is a lot of freedom and choice to develop solutions to interesting problems and build new features.

Role and Responsibilities

Work on product enhancements and bug fixes using JIRA with Agile methodology

Take up prioritized customer issues and resolve them

Break complex problems down into actionable solutions

Identify root cause and come up with an approach to fix the issues

Interact with team members on a regular basis and share any learnings with the team

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