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Python django developer, startup, new products at 2degrees (Oxford, UK) (allows remote)

We require a backend developer / infrastructure engineer to help us accelerate the delivery of our growing product set to market. Your primary roles will be to further develop our RESTful services to support new applications, and to support our deployment mechanisms. You will contribute to all aspects of this system from requirements clarification to design to testing. Should you wish to, you will be given support and training to work on our client side applications.

We are looking for candidates that have strong knowledge of the following:

  • Django

  • Python (in a linux environment)

  • TDD and good development practice.

We also expect you to learn the following. Existing knowledge would advantageous, but we will train the right candidate:

  • AWS Compute / Storage (especially EC2 Container Service, RDS, S3)

  • Django REST Framework (DRF)

  • Terraform

  • Docker

  • postgresql

  • AWS Route53

  • Oauth 2.0

Knowledge of the following (or an interest in developing these skills) would be good to see:

  • Angular 2/4

  • Typescript

  • ngrx

A little background

We have delivered online professional communities for big brands for over 6 years using our proprietary technology built on an open source stack (Debian, Postgres, Python, Django, Gunicorn, nginx).

We are now developing a suite of innovative, intuitive yet sophisticated tools to help our professional users measure and drive energy cost out of their businesses. We are using a platform approach to enable the pooling of experience, insight and data to help busy professionals help each other. Having done this in our online communities for 6+ years, we think we have the secret sauce for making these concepts fly.

We have changed our toolset, systems architecture and stack to help us efficiently build and run engaging rich applications at scale. We are now developing rich client applications using Angular 2/4 with ngrx and webpack, whilst retaining our python / django backend and using DRF and Swagger to define and implement APIs to connect the two. We use OAuth 2.0 to deliver identity and authorization services across our products.

All our new applications are containerised using Docker and we run our services on AWS with Cloudflare and use Terraform to manage our infrastructure.

How we work

We run a Scrum Agile process with weekly sprints. We follow a TDD methodology, regularly pair program - remote or side by side. We develop on Ubuntu, use Jira and associated tools for managing our backlog, Jenkins for CI support and Github for version control. Steve McConnell’s Code Complete 2 is our guide and our prefered IDE is PyCharm. We communicate via Slack and Hangouts (when remote).

What’s it like to work here?

We are a small, very friendly, distributed team with most of us close to Oxford but all team members regularly work remotely. We are currently a 7 person team: four developers, UX and visual design specialists plus a product owner who is part of the company management team - we are now starting to grow as our products succeed in the market and look to double our development team over the coming months.

Our team is part of the broader 2degrees team that is about 35 strong and full of young, energetic and friendly folk that are incredibly supportive of what we are doing and really do work as a team.

Our development team is very experienced, highly skilled and understand our business domain and our technologies very well. We have high standards and aspire to the best quality balanced by a desire to ship product fast. It is fair to say we take great pride in our work and look forward to working with people of like mind.

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