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Mobile/.NET Web Developer (Remote Opportunity) at J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. () (allows remote)

This position may be based out of our Appleton, WI Technology Office, or may work remotely from a home-based office with in the US.

***Please note, no visa sponsorship is available for this position.***

Looking to grow and advance your development skills? Learn mobile? Work with an experienced team, excited about the work they are doing? We’re a team that is passionate about technology and remaining cutting-edge. We’ve grown and promoted the majority of our leaders and Sr. development team members internally, so we understand the importance of keeping skills up-to-date. We place focus on continually learning through a formal, in-house Technology Training Program and events that promote creativity and innovation, such as 24-hour events where associates are encouraged to pursue and develop ideas they are passionate about. We even have multiple patents for technology we’ve created!

Technology We're Using:

Our Technology Solutions team is developing compliance based software for 15+ mobile and web applications.  Our mobile applications are implemented natively on Android via Android Studio/Java and on iOS via Objective-C/X-code.  Our web applications are undergoing a cloud native architecture transformation utilizing technologies like: React, Redis NoSQL, Git, with micro-service based C#/.NET backend, deployed to the Azure public cloud.  The Azure platform allows for dynamic scaling of our applications to meet the demand of a growing a user-base and their use of ELDs.  Tools like Chef, Release Management and Jenkins, are used to automate the spinning up of the Azure environments and services on demand.  With the combination of Release Management and feature toggles, our applications are continuously deployed to our beta and production environments quickly getting features into our customer hands..

Don't have mobile development experience? Our experienced development team will work with you to learn mobile and help broaden your skill set!

As a member of our commercial development team, you can leave the on-call schedule behind, experience work-life balance, have the stability of continuous new development work while continuing to learn new technologies. Also, we provide MacBookPro, dual monitors, Android Tablet, and iOS device for each member of our tech team!

To learn more about how J. J. Keller Tech Teams promote innovation, check out our Ship It Day video or view some of the ways our tech teams give back to the community via our Give Camp Projects. J. J. Keller's team of over 200 technology professionals continues to grow as we develop unique and innovative solutions for our associates and customers.

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