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Senior DevOps Engineer at ALICE (New York, NY) (allows remote)

We are looking for a startup minded technologist to manage our Development Operations. The DevOps Engineer will oversee our entire AWS infrastructure and allow us to scale. We are growing fast so we are looking for someone with experience in scaling live Java applications, advanced monitoring, automation, performance tuning and cloud security.

Our stack is:

- Groovy and Grails

- Webserver: Tomcat

- Database: MySQL DB (AWS RDS)

- ElasticSearch

You will design and develop scalable methods of building, deploying, and supporting our enterprise application services across our infrastructure in AWS.  You will be working with our configuration management solution (Ansible), our monitoring/alerting infrastructure (New Relic, Icinga, Cloudwatch), continue improving our Continuous Integration/Delivery pipeline using Atlassian Stack (Bamboo, Bitbucket) and automate our development operations processes.

You will work with a highly motivated, diverse, and thoughtful group as we rapidly scale to disrupt an industry.

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