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Remote React.js Full Stack Developer (Anywhere In The US) at Twin Technologies () (allows remote)

This Full Stack Developer will serve as part of a team supporting established projects and creating from the ground up. Our ideal candidate is a team player who is passionate about learning and applying their technical skills and experience to solve real-world problems.

Our platform consists of a full stack javascript environment, using a four tier service oriented architecture, and developed, tested and deployed using Docker in a kubernetes infrastructure. 

Technologies we are seeking:

Essential Experience:

• Javascript: Node.js, React, Asynchronous Development (Bluebird / Q / ES6 Promises)

• Architecture: Microservices / service oriented architecture

Desired Experience:

• Javascript: Express, Sequelize, Mongoose, Gulp, Webpack

• Architecture: RESTful APIs documented in Swagger; microservices specified with grpc/protobuf

• Data: Postgres, SQL Server, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Redis, Kafka

• CI/CD: Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Mocha, Ava


• Overall data modeling, high level design, low level design and non-functional technical requirements

• Write code for all parts of our javascript stacks

• Solve complex technical, scalability or performance challenges

• Define and ensure compliance to software engineering standards across the engineering team

• Evaluate technologies and prototype solutions

• Be hands on to develop technical products

• Understand, maintain and enhance the automated software deployment pipeline

• Work in a fast-paced agile environment and be able to take high level requirements and work with different teams to make it a reality

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