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Senior Java Developer at Hazelcast (Üsküdar, Turkey) (allows remote)

Do you enjoy any of the following?

  • Solving complex problems

  • Implementing non-trivial infrastructure code

  • Integrating Hazelcast with different platforms.

  • Developing features, plugins to use Hazelcast in cloud providers.

  • Learning/Developing latest technologies and popular frameworks.

  • Creating well crafted and thoroughly tested features, taking full-responsibility from the design phase

  • Paying attention to all aspects of code quality, from clean-code, to allocation-rates

  • Delivering a technical presentation at a conference

At Hazelcast you will work with the best engineers out there:

  • Who can work very with different cloud platforms when it is required.

  • Who integrates Hazelcast to other popular frameworks.

  • Who are public speakers in tech conferences

With hazelcast.org you will work on an exciting open-source project that rocks the scene of distributed caching and computing

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