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Software Quality Engineer- Wine at Granbury Solutions () (allows remote)

In the great Northwest they call it an SDET.  Other places they call it a Software Quality Engineer. Whatever they call it, it's you.  You've somehow found yourself writing code that tests other people's code.

At Granbury we respect the mighty SQE and we'll need your help making sure wine lovers around the world can have wine delivered to their doorsteps.  And no, that isn't a joke.  You'll use a new front end test automation tool we've built on top of Selenium WebDriver to make sure our DtC wine software works flawlessly.

Like Wes Mantooth, the other developers may hate you for it, but they will respect you.

And they'll work with you.  When you need DOM elements to have id's, they will give you id's.  You won't have to slog your way through with unwieldy xpath expressions.  You won't be a second class citizen and you'll get the respect and support you need.  No code ships without a green bar from you.

And you'll do all this from the comfort of your own home.  This is a remote position, but you'll keep in touch with your team with daily virtual standups.  We'll pick a spot on the map every so often and get together for a technical conference or an in person design confab.

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