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A ColdFusion Job Thats Actually Cool at Granbury Solutions () (allows remote)

You’ve spent most of your career working in ColdFusion.  You can see that the end is near and need an exit strategy.  We’re in the same boat.  We’re porting our winery software codebase from ColdFusion to a fancy new micro services architecture based on Spring Boot and Angular 2.  We’re looking for an experienced ColdFusion developer to help us with the ColdFusion side of the refactoring.  As the refactoring winds down, you’ll be cross trained and transition to working in Java/Spring or Angular 2 depending on your inclinations.

Any savvy ColdFusion developer these days knows the music is about to stop, so here’s the perfect chance to hit the ground running and prove your awesomeness with a technology you already know well, but learn the latest and greatest approaches to JVM based development along the way.  Within a few years, your ColdFusion days will be over and your career anxiety along with it.

You'll work with people who are as nice as they are smart.  You'll get the guidance you need and you won't be shamed when you stumble across a problem you don't know how to solve on your own.  You'll deal with a minimum of corporate nonsense and get the freedom to do things right.  

And you'll do all this from the comfort of your own home.  This is a remote position, but you'll keep in touch with your team with daily virtual standups.  We'll pick a spot on the map every so often and get together for a technical conference or in person design confab.  And free wine is a given.

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